Friday, 19 June 2015

New Market!

There is a new market in town and I am very excited about it. I try my best to head to the local farmers market on Saturdays to pick up some of my favorite things I can't get in the store.  This has become a bit of a ritual in our house, one that I really enjoy.  I love being able to go to my favorite stalls and get some goodies that come only once a week.

I also love shopping outside.  I took my dad with me once and I'll never forget how much he loved the experience.  He said it reminded him of when he was young growing up in Hungary, shopping with his mother at the open market.  So now every time I go, I remember that time with him, it is a very sweet memory and an experience that a grocery store just can't offer.

The challenge with the Saturday market is that sometimes we are busy and can't go.  Or if I do go, I run out of food by mid-week, we eat a lot of veggies.  Thankfully now there is a new market in town on Wednesday afternoons from 4-6:30pm.  I went with my kids this week and we all loved it.  While the Saturday market is fun (and I will keep going) it is also very busy.  You have to get there early to get the best pick of food and it is a mixed market of food and artisans. This is fun, but my main reason for going is for food, not crafts (not that there is anything wrong with that if that is your thing).  What I love about the Wednesday market is that it is only for food vendors.  It is simple but comprehensive.  I also love that you can stop in after work and pick up a few things or even stay to eat, they have food trucks!  The other bonus, it is right off the highway by VIU, so parking is not an issue at all.

I went with the task in mind. Could I stop in and pick up something for dinner?  I'm happy to say I was successful.  We bought some lovely sausages, greens, eggsstrawberries, cheese, and the sweetest peas ever.  I would have bought some veggies from my favorite farmer, but we had just gotten our CSA delivery from them the day before.   I also scooped up some locally made tortillas which really are fantastic.  I didn't use them for dinner that night, but I made quesadillas for the kids for lunch the next day.  Can I just say a little word about these tortillas?  They are delicious.  They smell and taste like the ones I ate when I was living in Honduras.  They are not big but that is what I like about them.  They make the loveliest soft tacos, quesadillas or we eat them for breakfast with eggs.  On a lucky day you might even catch these guys with their handmade tortilla chips or Mexican hot chocolate and I have also bought their taco seasoning which really is fantastic.

I really do recommend that you come and check out this market.  It is an easy place to stop on your way home and grab something for supper.  With all that is going on in California right now with the drought, we need to be supporting our local farmers to ensure that we can sustain ourselves from our own community.  This isn't about eco-elitism.  This is about supporting the people who we rely on for our food.  It is also nice to connect with the people who are providing our supper.  And in case you were wondering how expensive it is, I would say that it was comparable to grocery store prices.  Only the quality at the market is far superior.  Come check it out!

My favorite, oak leaf lettuce

Beautiful fresh garlic from Makaria Farm
The best cheese curds, fantastic in salad
Delicious peas!

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