Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Vietnamese Pork Noodle Soup - Quick Supper

I love noodles.  I will eat them just about any way I can, but in soup is one of my favourites.  I started making this soup a couple of years ago when I first bought my indispensable  kitchen bible and I have made it regularly ever since.  This is one of those soups that have everything you want in it, a good broth, crunchy vegetables, sweet/sour combination and spice.  It is a great way to get some greens into your kids (and into yourself for that matter) and it is super filling, not to mention, economical to make. And the best part...it is super fast to make.

I know it has been really hot the past couple of days, so soup may not be the first thing you think you would want to make in this weather, but I have to say it is really refreshing, healthy and well worth the effort.  The great thing about this soup is that you can add whatever green veg you like.  If you have snap or snow peas on hand, throw them in!  If the bok choy isn't looking so good this week then try some gai lan instead.  If you are feeling a bit lost in the asian greens department, check out this guide and see what inspires you.  Oh and if you are thinking, my kids will never eat that, don't be so sure.  Kids love noodles just as much as the rest of us and the vegetables in here are super yummy.  I had two kids who would say when they were very little, "I don't want green!"  We kept offering it to them and now they gobble this soup up.  We need to teach our kids to eat a variety of foods so that they can learn to appreciate different flavours and textures and to not be afraid of eating good, healthy food.  Try this out and let me know what you think!

Vietnamese Pork Noodle Soup
Adapted from Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

1 pork loin cut into rounds and then sliced into strips
2 Tbsp lime juice
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp sweet paprika
2 Tbsp fish sauce
1/2 package brown rice Vermicelli noodles
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 garlic clove minced
6 green onions sliced thin
1 Tbsp fresh ginger chopped
1 litre chicken stock, homemade preferably, but in the tetra pack will do
1 package bean sprouts
3-4 baby bok choy or Shanghai bok choy, sliced
any other greens you like such as snap peas
1 red chilli diced (I use Fresno chillies, they have heat, but not too strong)

Cut up your pork loin and put in a medium bowl.  Add the lime juice, soy sauce, paprika and fish sauce and let marinate for no longer than 15 minutes.

Next heat up a wok or soup pot and add the oil with the garlic, green onions, and ginger and fry for 1-2 minutes.  Add in the meat with the marinade and cook the meat through. Now add your stock and let it come to the boil and then turn down to simmer for a few minutes while you get on with the noodles.  

To cook the noodles, place in a large bowl and cover with boiling water.  Let stand, they will only take a couple of minutes to cook.

Add the vegetables to the soup and turn off the heat.  You don't want the veg to be soggy, just cooked gently.  Drain the noodles and either add them to the soup pot or divide up into your bowls.  Pour the soup over top and sprinkle with the chillies (you can omit these if you have little ones who don't like things spicy) and serve with love.

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  1. I think I just found inspiration for dinner tonight!