Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kitchen Kit 101-Part 2

This is going to be a short post.  I have never been one for electronic gadgets in the kitchen if I could avoid it.  Maybe it was all those years as a teenager watching infomercials for every slicing and dicing apparatus under the sun that promised so much and delivered so little.

Maybe it was watching my mother spend loads of money on these kinds of things, dreaming that they would make her life so easy, only to live out its life in a box on the shelf, never getting used past its initial excitement phase. The crepe maker in the 80's was one example.  It was bought in a fit of excitement of the possibilities of crepe parties and Sunday brunches.  As usual, that didn't last very long.  I don't blame her, those companies spend a lot of money on marketing and she just bought into the dream. We've all done that at one time or another.

However, for myself, I guess I just felt that if my great grandmother could cook delicious food immigrating from Belgium in the 1900's, without a crepe maker, I should be able to cook like that too.  So that is how I learned, to cook from scratch and mostly by hand.  However, there is always an exception to a rule and there are a few things that I would have a hard time living without.  If you are trying to figure out what you really need or maybe what to buy, hopefully this should help.  It is a short but sweet list.

First, a toaster.  I know, who doesn't have a toaster?  But it is important in our family.  Next an immersion blender.  I make a lot of soup and could never understand why anyone would be willing to transfer hot soup from a pot to a blender to make it smooth.  That sounds messy and dangerous.  With this handy tool, you blend your soup right in the pot.  It also comes with a whisk attachment that I use beautifully for whipping cream and egg whites. Very useful.  Then there is the electric beaters.  My mom bought these when I was 15, the first departure from the hand beaters we used forever.  Those were charming, but took forever and were a pain in the neck.  Electric beaters are super useful for, well, just about everything that involves baking. 

 Lastly, a blender.  I think everyone needs a good one.  This one sadly is not it.  But I can make smoothies which is good.  I'm not sure you need a Vitamix, but if you have that kind of cash, by all means, treat yourself.  I think for most people a decent wide bottomed blender will do.

That's it. I told you it would be a short post.  If you are wondering where the Kitchenaid or the food processor is, that will be in another post.  I do own them, but I'm not including them in the essentials list because, they are not essential.  Have you ever bought an electric gadget that is keeping your shelves stocked?  Coming up next in Kitchen Kit 101- Part 3-Gadgets that you really need, including a good wooden spoon. 

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