Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunday Lunch

When I was young, we always had Sunday Lunch.  It wasn't a necessarily fancy event, but it was always home made, usually involved Yorkshire pudding and was a time when we all sat down at the table together and talked about our week.  My mother kept this tradition going for a long time, learned from her grandmother, who would make the most amazing food out of her little kitchen.  This would have been in the 40's and the kitchen accoutrements were basic.  There were no food processors or special zesters, no large fridges or even an electric stove.  This was cooking at it's best, basic, home made and full of love.

While I realize the tradition of a proper Sunday Lunch is in it's dying days, the sentiment still remains in our home.  I believe in good food, made with love that is to be enjoyed with those you love.  It is a time, each day to sit down at the family table and eat and actually talk with one another.  It is about a slightly slower pace that what most of us have signed up for in these modern days and about reconnecting not only with each other, but also with our food, good conversation (even when it is heated) and beauty in the simple things in our lives.

You will find recipes that we eat on a regular basis and some that are for special occasions.  There will be honesty, humour and simple ways to bring a little beauty into your life.  Above all, I hope that what you find here is inspiration.  Our grandmothers knew a thing or two about cooking and living simply with what they had and bringing everyone together at the table.  And while a simple pasta may take the place of a full roast beef with Yorkshire pudding spread, it will always be about the intent to bring us back to each other.  I hope you enjoy your Sunday Lunch.

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